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Many plants and materials in our daily environment contain qualities and potential we are unaware of, from medicinal uses to their applicability as tools to medicinal uses, food and shelter supply. Most of this knowledge, once mastered by our ancestors, is now gone and with it an important 'link' connecting us to our environment.


This project aims to shed light on those 'hidden' potentials residing around us.


Every Land is a Wonderland (Bierum), 2021
Collective wandering festival, Bierum, Groninen.

A series of scannable signs, pointing at plants from which one could craft different items, placed along the walking route of the Collective Wandering's performative outdoor festival.

weaving farme 1.jpeg

The QR codes, when scanned, lead the wanderers to webpages that demonstrated such crafting options via images and links offering hands-on video tutorials, as a consequence the act of wandering surpass the physical and entered an augmented layer of information enriching the actual place where the sign stood.

SCREEN_WIX Common_2.jpg


While the signs acted as a silent invitation to collect and play with plants along the path, another invitation, an explicit one, was made by the Collective Wandering team. As they were encouraging visitors to participate and interact with the performance, they invited
the wanderers to collect materials and take part in my vertical weaving project, which took place at the Bierumer School front yard.

Bierum Loom CU 11.JPG
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