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Rivier Memorabilia (2023)

Souvenier-like rattan model, shaped as the original segment of the Linda river that was canalized 100 years ago.

In 1923 the canalizing of a river segment in south-east Friesland began. The plan included re-shaping of the serpent-like route that went by Wolvega, straightening it to allow better transportation of goods and supplies for the local industries, among them was the rattan furniture industry. The project was titled Verbetering van De Linde (Improvement of The Linde).

Tiny Flash project by Chiara Tammaro

This work made especially for the Tiny Flash project, a mobile vending machine for art works by local artists, made by the Groninger artist Chiara Tammaro. It was issued in a limited edition of 5 souvenir boxes, including a rattan model that can be hanged on the wall and a small brochure that tells the (hi)story behind the work.

Based on a technical drawing from 1922, Rivier Memorabilia re-creates the original route of the river using peeled rattan, material that was in the core of the local furniture industry, and one of the causes for the river's modification.

Creating the curvy shape from pitrit (peeled rattan) requires enforcing physical power on the material, using techniques taken from basket weaving and rattan furniture making. First to soften the material it is socked in water, then it is bent and twisted using pegs or nails sometimes to its breaking point in order to obtain the desired shape. 

This work is a small version of Un-Verbettering Van de Linde, two meter wide rattan work, made during a month long residency in collaboration with the Vlechtmuseum Noordwolde.

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