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UnVerbetering Van De Linde (2022)

During a month long residency in Noordwolde (Friesland) I have been exploring the different ways human intervened or engaged with the natural habitat of Weststellingwerf.  Walking and cycling through the area I had collected different specimens of natural sources (soil, plants, water, etc.) as well as looking into the history of the region(peat mining and 'vlecht' industry), combining with visuals from the worlds of craft and gardening and created an associative archive. The resemblance of handcraft instructions to to geological illustrations and historical maps gave me the idea to connect those worlds.

I had focused on a particular case of intervention in the local landscape - the canalization of the Linde river, which was a main route to transfer goods in the former centauries.


Wishing to recreate the 'curves' of the Linde, I have connected this piece of history to another one - that of the 'Manou Gebouwen' a traditional technique for rattan bending that was used in the local braiding industry.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-15 at 3.44_edited.jpg
Verbetering van de Linde, 1923.

Manou bending demonstration during the Stroomopwaarts exhibition opening in the Vlechtmuseum (the international braiding museum), Noordwolde, 2022.

With the help of local craftsmen Corry Vogelzang and  André van der Jagt I have created a 2 meter version of the original 'Verbetered' Linde from manou. 


Presentation of the project at the Muziekkopel (the music dome) in Noordwolde, May 2022

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