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Kunstprojecten Noorderstation


Between |#| Be-twined is a participatory site-specific weaving installation that will take place at Kunstprojecten Noorderstation (KPNST), the former staircase of Station Groningen Noord. During a two-months exhibition the unique space will turn into a large-scale weaving loom and a space for exchange and creation.

Thursday to Friday, Kastanjelaan 1. Offering free workshops, guided walks and events, all dates and activities Public Program full agenda


Based on my belief that crafts can act as a bridge between people from different backgrounds and cultures, Between|#|Be-twined taps into the history of two Groningen neighborhoods: Selwerd – where I live – and De Hoogte, who were physically separated by the railways for many decades (1884-1974) thus developed with no connection, one as wealthy residential area, and the other as a working-class accommodation.

Groningen Map, 1950
Groningen Map, 2020

Making connections in the Here & Now

Inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass and Donna Haraway's Staying with the trouble, and as a counter action to the material culture we live in – which prioritizes the new, fast and disposable, I chose to work with material I encounter in my daily life and environment. The foraging action connect me to to the Here & Now.


Craft as a Bridge

Working with gathered and found materials made me see potential everywhere I am –  my house, the city streets, at work - what others might see as waste, I see a resource.

  "It is my belief that crafts can act as a bridge between people, communities, and the environment. This project is part of my ongoing research into craft as a means of connection to the here and now, and to one-another."

In reference to the historic geographic division and as a mean of connecting people their environment in a meaningful way, via tangible experience, the exhibition will host foraging walks and hands-on workshops that will integrate sustainability & co-creation, working with locally foraged and existing materials.

Sustainably oriented workshops, applying elements of Repurposing & Reusing of existing materials.


General Opening Hours:
Thursdays, Fridays      13:00-18:00            
Saturdays, Sundays     16:00-20:00 


Saturday  1.6   -  Weaving Basics         (16:00-18:00)  KPNST  (register here)  

Saturday  8.6   -  Weaving  Shapes      (16:00-18:00)  KPNST    
Saturday  22.6 -  DIY Looms                 (16:00-18:00)  KPNST    
Sunday    30.6 -  Weef Local Motives   (16:00-18:00)  KPNST                               
Saturday   6.7  -  Weaving with Plants  (14:00-16:00) Volks Hortus Hazelaarstraat


Guided foraging walks in the neighborhoods around Noorderstation.

uration 45-60 min, starting point KPNST Station Noord.   

Sunday  2.6,  11:00-12:30   -    Rond Selwerd  (register here)

Sunday  9.6,  11:00-12:30   -    TBA

Sunday  7.7,  11:00-12:30   -    TBA

Special events:

Monday-Wednesday  20-22.5  Give & Gain  

People from the area are invited to bring in old textile items that are no longer in use, which can be turned into weaving materials. During the opening hours we will also explain about the project and show visitors how the space will be used. Material needed - Sheets and pillow covers, tea towel, old cloth, etc.

Friday  24.5   13:00-18:00  Unravel

A walk-in activity where visitors can actively join the making of weaving materials from textile and other materials, using several techniques. 

Thursday  20.6  15:00-20:00  Midsummer Special!
Special DIY activities by 'Artisanna', celebrating the longest day in the year 


Saturdays  29.6  15:00  Midissage/Artist talk


*All events take place at KPNST Station Noord unless stated otherwise.

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